What Does A Commitment Phobic Have To Do To Change?

The typical commitment phobic man and what he need to do to change? 

1.  He has to admit he has a problem.

2.  He has to take responsibility for his behaviours toward women – that he leads them on and he behaves in an uncaring and cruel way.

3.  He has to want to change.

4.  He has to be prepared to seek help.

5.  He has to look deep within to work out when and how his claustrophobic/commitment phobic symptoms started.

6.  He will require coaching or cognitive behavioural therapy to change his negative, irrational thought patterns about love, commitment and relationships. He will also need to explore some of the faster healing therapies to heal, grow and change.

7.  He needs some time out from relationships to reflect on his thinking patterns and behaviours.

8.  He must develop his emotional and spiritual intelligence and become more aware. Personal and spiritual development courses raise awareness and consciousness and prevent us from sabotaging relationships. (Spiritual development is not about religion).

9.  If he doesn’t want to change his behaviours he has to be honest and upfront to women when he first meets them. He must tell them he does not want a committed relationship – that he is only interested in a casual liaison with space and freedom, and not to expect any more. Then it is up to the woman to decide whether she wishes to spend time with him on those terms.



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