How to Make Him Text You Back: Texting Rules For Women

You happened to meet a eligible and smart guy. You wanted so much to get to know more about him, texting a guy becomes one important part just like calling. Next you want to know about how to handle text messages to and from a guy you are dating so that you do not screw up? I would like to give you some secret tips on how to make him text you back.

1) Don’t text while you’re on a date with another guy

Perhaps you just men your dream man, but it was only one date and he seemed interested. You are waiting impatiently for his phone call or text and it just so happens that when you are on a date with another guy, your new guy sends you a text message.

Although it may seem like you need to reply immediately, the rule of thumb is to never communicate while you are out with someone. It’s rude and it also shows the guy in question that you are available to text him at his whim.

Text him back when you get home, he will only respect you more.

2) Never do your text while you are drinking

Just like drunk dialing, drunk texting never leads to anything good. If you can’t control yourself, be sure to put your cell phone out of reach while you are drinking. Sending a drunk text to a guy especially if you just met him is a surefire way to turn him off and away from you.

3) If he texts you, you should return his text

There is no need to play hard to get with a guy who is obviously interested in you. If he sends you a text message it is not only polite to reply with a text, it also gives the guy the encouragement to pursue you more. Text him back and he is likely to follow up with a phone call and ask you out.

So there are the texting rules for women. But what to do if you text-ed a guy several times and he does not respond to your text messages? Is it possible to get him to text you back or to call you?

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