How Men Usually Deal With Breakups

It is a common misconception that men deal with breakups well. The truth is that men usually perform rather poorly in this area due to the fact that they handle their heartaches very badly.

Put up a false front

Men tend to bottle up the feelings they experience after breaking up. They contain their emotions within themselves and present a different face from what they actually feel.

Some men would end up making the situation worse through their actions and do more harm to themselves. They find it hard to face their painful experiences and take part in self-destructive activities.

Taking no action to solve the matter

Some men do nothing to correct the problem even when getting a variety of red lights before the break up eventually happens. When the break up finally happens, it will seem to catch them off guard.

Taking wrong actions

However, there are some men who will recognize the problems and take action. Unfortunately, the actions that they often consider to be manly do not really solve the matter.

Instead of solving the problem, they may indulge in things like alcohol, being promiscuous, or getting involved in daring sports.

These actions bring about temporary relief but on the other hand, they have very serious consequences too.


Many men easily succumb to depression when they are heart broken unless they receive help. It is believed that men do not show how they feel; the fact is that their female counterparts just failed look at the right places.

That apparent cool facade may be an indication of the great depression that a man is experiencing. The problem is made worse by the fact that men often do not seek help when they are depressed.


Men who have gone through broken relationships usually experience a higher level of stress than women in similar circumstances. Here too, men often do not seek any help. Therefore, it is important to seek for assistance as soon as any sign of stress becomes visible.

Breakups are common and it is necessary to know how to deal with it. The problem is that many men do not know how to deal with breakups. They mistake containing the emotions within themselves equivalent to being manly. Unfortunately, this only worsens the situation.

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