How Can I Tell If He Really Wants To Commit?

If a man says he doesn’t want a commitment and he is “always there to assist her, goes to family outings with her, does wonderful and thoughtful things for her, etc.” then I can almost guarantee what’s happening. She’s sleeping with him and he’s happy with the relationship – just the way it is.

All the wonderful things he is doing doesn’t mean that he wants the relationship to become anything more than what it currently is —> a fun dating relationship.

What he means by not wanting a serious relationship means that he wants the freedom to end the relationship whenever he wants (should he choose to), without being held to a promise of being exclusive. He can still be wonderful to you, but that doesn’t mean he’s any closer to committing to you.

Is your man a commitment phobic man? Here’s the take away: Don’t assume his wonderful gestures means he wants to commit.

-When a man commits to a woman, he’ll beg you to be exclusively his.

-He’ll start making plans for your future.

-He’ll talk about marriage, building a future together, etc.

He won’t just treat you wonderfully, he’ll include you in his plans for the future. In fact, here’s the type of woman that makes a man crazy with desire and begging her to commit to him.

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