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"How To Get Him Back?"

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Dear Girlfriend,

How To Get Him Back Forever

Hi, I'm Tricia. I know my story is going to be long, but I have to tell you.

Here is my story...

The last year of my life has been filled with anxiety and missing my ex boyfriend of over 3 years. I want nothing more than how to get him back forever in my life. We did everything together—movies, restaurants, or just cuddling up on the couch. I was single for so long before I met him. Now, I am back to single nights alone or with girlfriends who also miss their boyfriends. I’ve spent sleepless nights going over everything I did wrong in the relationship, what we should have said, what we said, and how it can be fixed. The pain in my heart is so deep it hurts to breathe or laugh sometimes. I didn’t know when I’d be able to laugh again.


How to get him back forever? after the break up 

Everywhere I looked I was reminded of him.. Even commercials or favorite songs would bring tears to my eyes and make me miss him more everyday. If I saw a car like his in the street, my heart would skip a beat. I’d call him but I never knew what to really say. I tried. But nothing would get through to him. I was just stuck. We were stuck. He stopped taking my calls for good and I was just so frustrated. I didn’t know what else to do. One night I went over to his house and just sat outside crying in my car. Hoping he’d feel sorry for me, let me in, and take me in his arms. But he didn’t. I immediately regretted that decision and how desperate I became. It was just too much. I was going in circles!


I was determine to get him back fast!

Again, I convinced myself I could do anything to get him back my own way. It was after a day of seeing so many happy couples together, and of running into a few guys who looked just like him. He was everywhere. I just kept hearing his name over and over all day on the radio, on TV, and on sign posts. I broke down. I “drunk dialed” him after coming home late one night with my girlfriends. It was just too much to go to bed alone again, with no one to talk to and see me in safely. He picked up on the first ring. I could tell he was concerned, but then I started rambling how much I loved him, needed him, and how we need each other. It was pathetic.


You are probably doing this too right this minute...STOP!

Don’t ever do this! It was messy and unpredictable. He hung up on me. I woke up the next morning with more regret. I was embarrassed. I was losing my dignity. Maybe, I lost it already!

But I didn’t stop there. Something told me that maybe there was someone else in his life that was blocking my efforts. Maybe he had met someone he wanted more than me. That broke my heart even more, and it became all I could think about. There was a favorite bar he liked to go to after work. I went there to apologize. I didn’t even get that far, when I saw another woman by his side. They were locked in an embrace. The way he used to hold me! I left immediately and cried all the way home.

I had finally seen the end of our relationship. He was moving on. He would forget about me. Everything we had talked about, dreamed together, was now gone for good. This other woman was ready to take my place.

This just made my life harder. Work became a chore. A job I used to love. I stopped seeing my friends. I stopped answering emails and the phone. I felt I was sinking in despair. I was overwhelmed with regret, embarrassment, hurt, frustration and images of him and his new girlfriend. I tried dating but no one was like him. All I did was think about my ex while I was out, so I completely stopped dating anyone. My break up was totally ruining my life. I was gaining weight and my hair was starting to fall out because I was not taking care of myself.


Finally, I was tired of being the victim... 

He was doing his best to move on. Why couldn't I? Few weeks later here I was still desperately trying ways to get him back...

Friends, family were tired of hearing my sob story. I was tired of hearing how hurt I was. I read every relationship book out there. I even hired a psychic, relationship couch, and posted on random internet boards for advice. I needed help. I wanted to change. I wanted to do things the right way and get my power back.

Then it happened. One morning, I got up, showered, got fully dressed, and took the day off from work. I browsed online, determined to find something to change my circumstances and bring my ex boyfriend and I back together. I knew he was still in love with me. We just hurt each too bad and needed to bounce back.

I browsed the Internet for hours, until I found a 'how to get him back forever system' that could teach me the right way to talk to my ex, figure out his thoughts and what he can’t say, and get what I needed to know. I started to play the game. It is essentially a mind game!


This system taught me how to get my boyfriend begging me to come back
and not the other way around.

It showed me that I could get a man to beg and plead for me to take him back. Him, begging me. How to get him back… Finally. So what did I do? Well, I had my ex thinking that I dumped him. I told him that I was through with him. That it was over for me. That he is the one getting dumped. That I come to realize that he was not the right man for me. This shocked him. It made me feel good because I was getting my power back. No more sleepless nights, acting desperate, showing up at bars, calling his home. I was pathetic back then. I was even turning off my friends and family.


You know what? I learned that
I do have power to get my man back...

I had given it all away. Most men are used to women begging to get them back. They are used to having lots of women to choose from. They get taught that there is more fish in the sea. But they have their hot buttons too. So, how to get my man back fast? If you know how to talk to him, you can get anything you want from a man. He will desire you as passionately as the first days he laid his eyes on you.

When I found out, how easy this system was, I used it right away. It was a piece of cake. It didn’t take long hours of studying or rehearsing. Everything was spelled out for me. I never would have thought of these techniques if I didn’t find this system! I wish every woman knew this. Men would treat women so much better.

That same night I discovered this 'how to get him back forever' system, I tried what I learned on him and the conversation flowed like it was our first date all over again. I learned that he missed me, too. That the girl he was with was just a rebound and he didn’t want her. He wanted me. He told me that he didn’t want me to leave him completely. He said that our breakup made him realize that he needed me, too.


Finally he said the golden words:

That was all I needed. We spent three hours on the phone learning each other all over again and forgiving. After a few weeks, of making him beg some more, I finally let him in.

This time things were different, too. He appreciated me more. He started calling me more. He would buy me gifts. He even introduced me to his family. Yes, after three years, he never did. We flew out to meet his family for the first time. They absolutely loved me and this deepened our relationship. I now have the upper hand in our relationship. I treat him good because he treats me good. We respect each other now more than ever. He has even told me he is ready to get really serious, and take our relationship to the next level.


We were officially back together! 

I just wish I had found Matt Hudson's 'how to get him back forever' earlier. We had to breakup to make up. I learned techniques that work in our relationship everyday. Not just for getting him back, but for keeping him interested too.

Stop whining and pining over him! I’ve been there. Get this system to get your man back and make it the relationship you always dreamed of. This time will be better than last. It happened to me.

If your love life is as important to you as mine is to me, you must own this guide.


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